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We have coached thousand of boys and girls the great game of football and look forward to many more.

***Coaches are certified through USA Football with an in-depth certification and background check!

We are looking for additional help and coaches. If you or any other parents you may know would like to help volunteer please reach out to us below!


Kevin Thate

President / Coach

Has coached football, baseball, and bowling. Played football, baseball, and golf at Brown deer high school. Enjoys fishing, bowling, softball, and cooking


Al Lopez III


Has coached football, track and field, and jiu jitsu. Saukville and Port Washingotn alumni. Enjoys hunting, playing music, sports, and woodworking.

Want to be a coach?

Feel free to reach out to Rebels President Kevin Thate or enter your information below!

Tel: 262-365-1247     Email:

Thanks for submitting!

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